The Fever-Tree Championships 2019 Blog Review
I started this year with the intention of trying as many new things as possible, something which became all the more possible when I moved to London a few months ago.  Thanks to a fabulous invitation from Keith Prowse, I was able to mark halfway through the year with a very special experience - to be a guest of the UK's leading sports hospitality provider at the Fever-Tree Championships 2019!  Funnily enough, the West Kensington location is just a fifteen minute walk away from my flat and so it made for the perfect weekend treat.  Okay, so to give you a bit of background, the Fever-Tree Championships is organised by the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) and is an annual event on the men's professional ATP World Tour, and one that takes place at the iconic Queen's Club.  It's been running since 1890 (I know!) and attracts some of the world's most well-known players.  And this year, it brought Feliciano Lopez and Andy Murray, amongst others, to the prestigious event.  So, with my intentionally white, tennis-themed dress on and a glass of Nyetimber sparkling wine in hand, I went about enjoying the day's itinerary in style courtesy of Keith Prowse!
The Fever-Tree Championships 2019 Keith Prowse Rooftop Garden
Keith Prowse Fever-Tree Championships 2019 Rooftop Garden
Luxury London Blogger Champagne
Having never visited before, I entered to find the venue impressibly large and yet still somehow intimate; the perfect balance.  Once escorted upstairs to the Keith Prowse's beautifully decorated Rooftop Garden, I was shown to my seat and the day's itinerary was described in detail.  I'm not sure what I was expecting, but the attention to detail blew me away!  Every small detail is carefully handled; from the assigned table waiter regularly checking-in to the hanging floral installations from the ceiling.  Admittedly, it was a content creator's dream!  After spending an hour or so exploring with my camera in tow, I headed back to Keith Prowse's private Roof Garden to enjoy a three-course meal.  My favourite course?  The main, lamb shank.  Not only did it taste incredible, but the presentation went above and beyond.  Flowers on my food?  Yes please!
Keith Prowse Hospitality Review Fever-Tree Championships
Keith Prowse Hospitality Review Fever-Tree Championships 2019 Review
Lamb Shank Dish decorated with flowers
Keith Prowse Fever-Tree Championships Luxury London Blog Review
London Luxury Blogger 2019 Private Event
Play was scheduled on the notorious match court in the early afternoon and included both singles and doubles matches. Having never had the strength in my wrists for tennis, I'm usually impressed by pretty much anyone who can handle a tennis racket, but seeing this level of play first hand is on a completely different level.  Seriously, wooooow.  The strength and sheer power the men play with is indescribable!  Both matches whipped the crowd into a frenzy thanks to the well-matched players and close calls.  But to my delight, I witnessed in person the moment Feliciano Lopez became the first man since Mark Philippoussis in 1997 to claim both mens singles and doubles titles.  Also - adorably - to celebrate his success in the singles, he ran across the court to kiss his girlfriend and thank his coach, before retrieving the cup.  The only thing to top this was seeing Andy Murray play and win the doubles by his side; something I'd never expected to see for myself, having grown up watching Murray through a screen (usually with strawberries and cream in hand!).
Keith Prowse Fever-Tree Championships 2019 Experience Review
The Queen's Club Fever-Tree Championships 2019
Keith Prowse Fever-Tree Championships Rooftop Garden 2019
Keith Prowse Fever-Tree Championships Rooftop Garden 2019Like I mentioned earlier, this year is all about new experiences.  Well, I can truly say my time at Fever-Tree Championships has been one of my favourite experiences so far!  Keith Prowse specialise in luxury hospitality and so know exactly what they're doing; going above and beyond to perfect every small detail to ensure a fabulous experience.  One thing is for certain, I won't be forgetting my seat on the Centre Court anytime soon; so close to the action - I've definitely caught the 'tennis bug'!
Feliciano Lopez Fever-Tree Championships Singles Winner 2019

Doubles 2019 Feliciano Lopez and Andy Murray Fever-Tree Championships
The Queen's Club Centre Court Fever-Tree Championships
Keith Prowse Fever-Tree Championships Review
Keith Prowse Fever-Tree Championships 2019 Blog ReviewEver since sharing snippets via IG Stories at the time, I've be so much looking forward to sharing more of the Fever-Tree Championships with you all here on my blog!  I can't wait to read your thoughts on the prestigious event.  Have you you ever attended a tennis event before?  Let me know in the comments below!

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Thanks so much to Keith Prowse for providing this fabulous experience