Bermondsey Bar and Restaurant London Bridge Outdoors
The wonderful thing about living in London, is that there's always something new to stumble across - and that's just in your borough!  Travel a little further in any direction and you're guaranteed to experience something for the first time.  Since moving to London five months ago, I've squashed as much into my calendar as possible, and yet still l've only found myself in the London Bridge area once or twice.  On a warm weekday evening and with no schedule in mind, I clicked my high heels across London to start exploring, ready to put together the latest in the Chic Girl's Guide series.  I wasn't staying in the area, but should you be, make sure to head to to discover a London Bridge Hotel that will put you in the ideal location for all of your exploring!

V I N E G A R   Y A R D

Okay, so first of all my phone battery died and so I couldn't find my partner for over half an hour, but once that little problem had resolved itself (a lucky chance meeting while crossing the road!), I headed to Vinegar Yard.  Emerge from London Bridge station and turn right before taking a diagonal right once more, and you'll find yourself in a quirky food and drinks market.  Flowers line the entrance and a Prosecco van can be found within, along with a rather impressive flower wall provided by Tanqueray.  At the moment, artwork by Joe Rush is on display, showcasing a collection of repurposed art and design including a train carriage installation - trust me, there's no chance of missing it; you'll spot it a mile off!
Vinegar Yard London Bridge Food Drink Art
Vinegar Yard London Bridge The Prosecco Van
Tanqueray Flower Wall Vinegar Yard London Bridge

K A T   M A C O N I E   B E A U T Y

A lovely (and unusual) discovery awaits just five minutes away from London Bridge station down Bermondsey Street: a boutique designer shoe store offering beauty treatments to match!  If you're feeling indulgent, you can choose a colour for your nails and then find a pair of heels to match.  Talk about multitasking!  Although, if you're not as fussed about your nails as I am (why not? we need to talk...), there are other gorgeous treatments available such as the option to take your face on a 'City Break' with a unique pollution-fighting facial, and all while surrounded by dreamy gold-tones.  Enjoy! 
Kat Maconie Beauty London Bridge
Kat Maconie Shoes and Beauty London Bridge
Kat Maconie London Shoes High Heels

B E R M O N D S E Y   B AR   &   K I T C H E N 

Well, hello Instagrammable floral archway!  The outdoor area belonging to Bermondsey Bar & Restaurant is ideal for meeting up with friends after a day of work, especially as there's the option of getting involved in some games while tucking into a slice of pizza.  Plenty of seating is available and the outdoor open space enables a chance to enjoy the end-of-day sun before it sets.  Bliss.
Bermondsey Bar & Kitchen London Bridge
Bermondsey Bar & Kitchen London Bridge Review

H A Y  '  S   G A L L E R I A   |   T H E   N A V I G A T O R S

Walk a little further and on the south bank of the River Thames, you'll discover Hay's Galleria; a Grade II listed structure home to a range of restaurants, shops, offices and flats.  Your reason for dropping by?  The Navigators.  Hay's Galleria has been home to the 60-foot sculpture created by David Kemp since 1987 and when activated, its oars move through the water to the side of the ship.  Cool?  Very.  I'll be returning to see that in motion for myself sometime soon, for sure.  Besides the ship, there's a fabulous selection of restaurants lining both sides of the building.  So, if you reaaally love the ship, there's a way of staring a little longer without raising any eyebrows...     
Hay's Galleria London Bridge Travel Guide
London Bridge Hays Galleria The Navigators
Hays Galleria The Navigators London Bridge

T H E   B O T A N I C A L   B A R   |   R I V E R   C O T T A G E

Incredibly, this picturesque location was practically empty upon arrival at 7pm in the evening.  To my surprise, most people seemed to walk by without noticing the bar as it's located over the water and up a flight of stairs.  Non-Alcoholic drinks are limited, however any drink will do with such a fantastic view, right?!  Speaking of which, the view is entirely uninterrupted, allowing a clear view of the famous Tower Bridge.  Music plays through speakers while you sip on your drink and take a break from the busy crowds of tourists below; a beautiful way to while away some time during your visit to the London Bridge area.
The Botanical Bar River Cottage London Bridge
The Botanical Bar River Cottage London Bridge Review
The Botanical Bar River Cottage London Bridge Blog Review
The Botanical Bar River Cottage London Bridge Travel Blogger
London Bridge HMS Belfast Blog Photography

T O W E R   B R I D G E

I'm pretty sure this part of the guide doesn't need an introduction, but nevertheless.... Tower Bridge!  Not to be confused with London Bridge.  You've seen the shots one million and one times on your IG feed and now it's time for you to capture one (or five) of your own shots!  The bridge is even more incredible when you remember it was built between the years of 1886 and 1894; it's a sight to see with your own eyes, for sure.
Tower Bridge Fashion Influencer Instagram Photo

S H A N G R I  -  L A   H O T E L   |   T H E   S H A R D

I've had a handful of 'pinch me' moments since moving to London and this was definitely one of them.   After a lovely welcome from reception at the luxurious hotel, a trip to the 35th floor was on the cards to our window seat at Ting Restaurant; a sleek stylish hotel eatery with panoramic city views.  Though thankfully, first of all you're required to walk underneath cascading chandeliers and past romantic displays of indoor plants and candles.  What a dream. 
Shangri-La Hotel Entrance Lobby
Shangri-La Hotel The Shard Entrance
Shangri-La Hotel Lobby The Shard ReviewThanks to an 8pm arrival, dinner was enjoyed as the sky darkened and city lights turned on one by one.  A few helpings of cool drinks and warm bread later, and dinner was served!  I opted for the Cotswolds Chicken Breast complete with Sweetcorn Miso, Girolles and Woodland Sorrel.  Ting restaurant is Asian-inspired, although most of the menu has more of a traditional British influence.  Anticipate dishes such as Scottish Halibut, New Season Lamb Saddle and Line Caught Stone Bass.  However, the real heart-eye emojis came out when the dessert menu was revealed. Fast forward to a little while later and a chocolate avocado dish was placed in front of me; break through the hard chocolate shell and a soft mousse is revealed inside.  Yum!
Shangri-La Hotel Ting Restaurant Non-alcoholic Drinks
Shangri-La Hotel Ting Restaurant The Shard
Shangri-La Hotel Ting Restaurant Cotswolds Chicken Breast
Shangri-La Hotel Ting Restaurant Luxury UK Blog ReviewThanks to delicious food, breathtakingly beautiful views, good conversation and warm drinks to finish, the evening didn't end long before midnight.  Ting Restaurant became a quiet and tranquil place to walk around and view the city's lights from all angles.  The luxury interior design adorned with dramatic staircases, jewel colours and warm lighting went a long way in sparking inspiration - and to be honest, just pure joy.    
Shangri-La Hotel Ting Restaurant Luxury London Blog
Shangri-La Hotel Ting Restaurant The Shard Blog Review
The Shard Shangri-La Hotel Luxury London Blog Review

B E F O R E   Y O U   G O  .  .  .

Alongside the various things mentioned in this guide, there's a few other unmissable experiences to enjoy while in the London Bridge area.  For starters, it's worth the price to head up to The Shard's Viewing Platform.  I visited this Spring with my mum as a Mother's Day experience and loved every second of the occasion!  If you have plenty of time to play with, book tickets to the HMS Belfast; it's both informative and fascinating.  Finally, don't miss out on the foodies' paradise that is Borough Market; Britain's most renowned food market, brimming with sweet and savoury treats alike!
Luxury London Blogger London Bridge Travel Guide
I absolutely adore putting together these guides!  I'd love to hear your thoughts on this Chic Girl Guide; have you ever visited the London Bridge area before?  Does anything in this guide stand out to you?  Let me know in the comments below!

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