If you follow along with my daily updates over on IG Stories, you'll know that a week or so ago I was invited over to the shiny new TKMaxx store in Oxford Street.  Since opening just a few months ago in the Springtime, it's quickly becoming known for having a fabulous homeware department.  And I can vouch for this.  Armed with an equally shiny gift card, I set about exploring the 30,000sq.  Throughout my time at the store, I kept one specific detail in mind: gold-tone accessories.  For as long as I can remember I've adored gold accents throughout home design, however time has taught me the ways in which it works, as well as the absolute opposite. Needless to say, we're focusing on the former for this home decor post!  Specifically, how to glam up your home with gold-tone accessories...

Gooosh, combining my love for home decor with gold accents was always going to see my type until my fingers flew off -  pretty sure I could talk about this for hours upon hours.  But let's keep this simple, ready for you to keep in mind before your next trip to TKMaxx!  Okay, five ways to glam up your home this Autumn using gold accents:


D O   Y O U   S M E L L   T H A T ?

Out with the old, in with the new!  Time to pack away the faux peonies (reminder to self: do this), and bring out the Autumnal fragrances.  Scented candles or pot pourri?  You decide.  Disliking your candle fragrance is no problem, because if all else fails you don't need to light it (hello display candle).  However, dislike your pot pourri and you've got a veeeery smelly problem on your hands.  Keeping the theme of gold accents in mind, keep an eye out for gold-tone detailing with regard to candles, and consider the option of metallic spray paint when it comes to your pot pourri!

Psst!  Pick up a transparent vase to ensure your pot pourri can show off appropriately.


I N D U L G E   M E  ,   D A R L I N G

Breakfast in bed will never be the same.  Bring gold accents into your kitchenware and you'll never look back.  Trust me.  Start with a gold cutlery set and move on to a set of two embroidered napkins and a gold-rimmed water jug.  From there, select a special plate to be used by you and only you and then splurge on a breakfast tray.  Does it need to be as loud as the one shared in this post?  Probably not.  But then again...


S O F T   L A N D I N G

Oh boy, I have a problem.  Cushions, throws, rugs - pretty much every, and any textile.  Opting for neutrals is nearly always a good idea if you're thinking of longterm investment pieces, however you can still have fun with it.  Flashes of metallic detailing can go a long way in adding a touch of glam to your home decor.  Admittedly, I'd never considered this could also be applied to rugs and yet here we are, with a metallic woven rug laying prettily on my wooden floorboards. 

Psst!  When shopping for cushions, opt for a range of different textures to give the scene you're creating more visual depth


N O W  ,   P I C T U R E   T H I S  .  .  . 

Do you still frame photos?  I used to, but then everything transferred to our digital worlds and now I have no tangible reminders around me.  Or at least, I did until I picked up a few from TKMaxx and now there's no escaping my loved ones.  Joking aside, photo frames are the absolute easiest way of bringing gold-tone accents into your home decor this Autumn!  If you'd rather not frame images of those you know, instead simply print or cut-out an inspirational image from a magazine and slot it into your frame of choice.   Ta-dah!  


L E  T  '  S   G E T   D O W N    T O   B U S I N E S S

We've all been there; scrolling endlessly on Pinterest, oohing and ahhing over the mass of metallic accessories posed perfectly in home offices.  I'm pretty happy with my desk space, although never happy enough to turn a blind eye to the sight of gold-tone stationery and home office supplies.  Next time you're shopping at the store famous for their ''big brands at small prices'', head to the stationery section and choose from the massive variety of shiny gold notebooks, letter trays, pens and pencils, sellotape dispensers, staplers and sooo much more.  I mean, I even purchased a gold calculator!


Right, back to my early evening shopping experience at the newly opened store!  Ooh.  Okay, so I confess; before all else, I got distracted by the luxury footwear department.  The notorious 'Gold' section saw my heart skip a beat at the sheer mass of designer labels available, however it was the above white ankle boots that found their way into my basket.  Dreamy.  But enough of that, I had to stay focussed.  So hard.  Time to hit the homeware department!  My first discovery was this gorgeous woven metallic rug with fringed edges, quickly followed by a two tone white and gold letter tray.  My journey through the aisles soon led me to a (reduced!) textured glass vase ideal for filling with pot pourri; this combination of spiced apple and cinnamon is ideal for Autumn, although thanks to the low price tag you could easily switch up your pot pourri every fortnight!  And while we're on scents, now would be a good time to mention that I of course found my way over to the candle section.  Anybody else obsessed with Autumnal candle scents?  Cinnamon, apple, amber, vanilla. You name it, I want it.  The Caramel Apple candle shared in this post cost less than £10 and fills the room with a delicious Autumnal fragrance as soon as you remove its metallic lid!

A gold tray.  That is what I've been missing in my life.  Admittedly, I didn't know this until I came across a gold tray leaning prettily against a shelf, but wow I have no regrets.  Breakfast in bed now takes on an entirely new meaning and one that is luxurious as it is equally shiny!  The same can be said for the gold-tone compass embellished bowl I popped into my basket.  Oh and my final find came in the form of a brown leather photo frame, complete with embossed detailing.  The preppy, luxurious vibe of the design immediately caught my attention - particularly with deeper, warmer tones in mind this season!
I hope this post has been of some help to you if you're looking to add a touch of glam to your home decor this season!  Have you ever shopped at TKMaxx before; either in-store or online?  I'm currently addicted to browsing their online homeware section!

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With love,

Gabrielle x

Thanks to TKMaxx for working with me on this post!