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Don't worry, when it's just a laptop screen and I preparing for the day ahead, I'm more than happy to grab a packet of oat biscuits and call it a morning.  However (and it's a big however), this doesn't have to be the case on special occasions and when you're surrounded by loved ones, friends and family.  It's a hell of a lot of fun to push the boat out - trust me.  Strangely enough, it's not commonplace to apply the same level of glamour and attention to a breakfast setting as it is for dinnertime, but that's all the more reason to do it!  Thankfully, there are plenty of others who feel the same way.  Case in point: Joanna Buchanan.  Joanna's line of luxe, seasonal accessories, holiday decor and gifts is heavily embellished and never fails to deliver a striking aesthetic punch. I suppose this is why the brand can be found in the new festive department at Harrods!  You'll be able to spot some beauties by Joanna Buchanan in this setting, amongst some of my favourite other accessories.  Right!  It's time to discuss how best to create a luxurious breakfast setting this season...
Pampas Grass Decor Autumn Table Setting
Joanna Buchanan Pearl Gold Star Napkin Ring
Anthropologie Gold Twig Candelabra


C O L O U R   S C H E M E

Similar to most table settings, it's best to pick a theme and stick to it.  Needless to say, there are exceptions.  However, the task of creating a luxurious aesthetic becomes much easier once you have a colour scheme in mind to guide your choice of accessories.  For this luxurious breakfast scene, I've opted for a neutral setting with flashes of gold


P L A Y   W I T H   H E I G H T S 

Forget the never-ending 2D scenes that see everything reach the same height.  Instead, play around with heights to ensure an eclectic mix across the table.  For example, the centrepiece for this setting is a nature-inspired candelabra from Anthropologie and a double-layered serving dish sits prettily to the side.  The same rule applies to the crockery; stack as many plates as necessary at each place setting to create a more impactful 3D effect.  My favourite way to impress here is to use heavily embellished placemats, such as these Chinoiserie taupe placements from Joanna Buchanan.  The designs have been hand beaded in India with glass beads backed in cotton.  Luxurious?  For sure.        


I N T R O D U C E   N A T U R E

Bringing nature to a breakfast setting is not only a brilliant conversation-starter, but also a way of bringing a more gentle atmosphere to a calm morning setting.  My favourite style to play around with this season is pampas grass, an incredibly popular trend right now that you'll no doubt have seen popping up left, right and centre!  Be sure not to block the line of sight for those sat at the table, by positioning the pampas grass to the side of the table to create a more intimate feel 


D O N ' T   F O R G E T   T H E   C H A I R S

Oh, I'm definitely one for forgetting this point!  Thankfully, Joanna Buchanan has come to the rescue with her beautiful Embroidered Palm Frond pillows in taupe.  As you can see, the shade matches the colour scheme perfectly, and yet doesn't detract from what's on the table.  Adding decorative pillows  to the seating is a fabulous way of introducing an element of comfort to breakfast - and after all, comfort is luxury!

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Joanna Buchanan Embroidered Taupe Pillow
Using Pampas Grass at a luxurious breakfast table setting
Joanna Buchanan Gold Pearl Star Napkin Rings Review
Pouring Brown Sugar Into Gold Pot


E X T R A  !   E X T R A  !

Be still my beating heart.  This is where you can well and truly get creative.  Anything and everything can be replaced for the more 'extra' version.  Your usual set of cutlery can be replaced with golden sets, basic clear glasses can be swapped for slim champagne flutes and napkins thrown to the side can instead be wrapped in embellished designs such as these Pearl Star Napkin Rings from Joanna Buchanan.  My advice?  Take a peek at the mass of other embellished napkin rings available by the brand, along with their holiday decor section while you're at it - Christmas is just around the corner!


T H E   F I V E   S E N S E S

Keeping the five senses in mind, most are happily satisfied at a breakfast setting - though what about the auditory sense?  Similar to a relaxed dinner setting, select a playlist that puts your guests and loved ones at ease.  Though, be sure to keep the volume at a minimum and preferably in a separate room, allowing the music to be heard softly from a distance



Although this is something I've not applied to this breakfast scene, personalising your place settings is a lovely way of introducing a touch of luxury otherwise reserved for more formal occasions.  Name cards are the most obvious way of achieving this, although there are other options such as using napkin rings customised to each person.  For example, a giraffe design for the individual at the table known for adoring the animal!


How to Create a Luxury Breakfast Setting
Pampas Grass Luxury Breakfast Table Setting
Joanna Buchanan Gold Pearl Star Napkin Ring
Joanna Buchanan Holiday Decor Luxury Table Setting
This luxurious breakfast setting has been an absolute joy to create!  Have you ever tried any of the points set out in this blog post?  I'd love hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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With love,

Gabrielle x

Thanks to Joanna Buchanan for working with me on this post!