Odd Molly midi skirt luxury fashion blog review
There's been a little delay since my last blog post, partly because I've been busy working and then more recently, because I've been pretty damn unwell - to the point of having to cancel my flight to Crete over the weekend.  Boo!  Thankfully, I'm on the mend now and heading out to the beautiful island in just a couple of days from now.  It'll be a welcome break from London's miserable weather, although I can't say I'm happy to be turning my back on Autumn styling because gosh I love those cosy, layered warm tones.  Sure, so my entire aesthetic lends towards the warmer tones, but this time of year brings the perfect opportunity to embrace nature's colours and transform your outfits until you embody a human leaf.  Or something.  Anyway, armed with a full look from Odd Molly, a Swedish brand with a vision of producing clothes that symbolise female strength, love and courage, I headed out on a crisp day at sunset with warm tones in mind and an outfit to style...
Gold G Bamboo Alphabet Necklace
Odd Molly UK fashion blog styling review
Royal Borough of Chelsea and Kensington Homes


Top - Pretty Pointelle Turtleneck Top c/o Odd Molly

Skirt - Extravagance Wrap Skirt c/o Odd Molly

Bag - Zara   |   Shoes - Lost Ink


Odd Molly Extravagance Wrap Skirt Review
Luxury Chelsea Home and Cars
Autumn Fashion how to style warm tones
The first thing to note is which colours best match your complexion.  For example, I have fair skin (something that is disguised through the way in which I edit the lighting of my photos, by the way!) and so I tend to keep away from cream and yellow tones.  Instead, I opt for stronger shades such as terracotta, camel and brown.  Likewise, if you have a darker complexion then you could have a lot of fun playing around with those former shades, as well as golden tones.  Okay, accessories.  My advice?  Unless you're looking to intentionally colour-match your full look, identify the main colours and then look at darker tones for those finishing touches - particularly when it comes to footwear.  And then finally, I know we'll never settle the debate between gold and silver jewellery, but I'm a fiiirm believer that gold never gets old when it comes to styling warmer tones.  Even the most yellow of gold tones can complement an Autumnal outfit in this way!
how to style warm tones in autumn
Gold G Bamboo Alphabet Necklace
Odd Molly fashion outfit blog review
This is undoubtedly one of my favourite outfits to have styled so far, and that's mainly thanks to a new introduction to Odd Molly - a brand you'll be seeing more of soon on A Glass Of Ice!  I'd love to hear your thoughts on this outfit.  Do you find yourself wearing more warm tones throughout Autumn?  Let me know in the comments below!

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With love,

Gabrielle x

Thanks to Odd Molly for working with me on this post!