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To celebrate my birthday this year, a couple of months ago I headed back to my happy place: Bruges.  For those new to my blog and therefore new to my over-enthusiast ramblings about the city, it's been one of my favourite European locations for many years now.  I've noticed Bruges popping up more regularly lately over on Instagram thanks to the beautiful colours of the buildings on The Market Square.  But, uh, consider me the OG Bruges-obsessive (*insert smirk here*).  Aaaanyway, once again I came away longing for more and with both my mind and camera filled with memories.  Should you find yourself in the picturesque, historic city anytime soon, consider this blog post your Chic Girl's Guide to navigating your way through those famous cobbled streets...
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'' G E T   I N   L O S E R  ,  W E ' R E   G O I N G   S H O P P I N G  !  ''

Although the shopping opportunities are obviously less varied than larger cities, there's still a brilliant range of well-known names on the high street, alongside more unique boutiques.  Needless to say, there are more chocolatiers than you can possibly imagine.  Though, be sure to look around before purchasing any chocolate, as some shops offer more competitive prices than others.  For anyone currently in the process of redecorating (or if you just adore home decor), head to Dille & Kamille - somewhere I'm particularly fond of as we don't have access to the store here in the UK.  With regard to fashion, you're spoilt for choice in Bruges.  However, on this most recent trip to the city, I discovered Blaise Boutique - a clothing and lifestyle destination owned by Eline Blaise (a blogger/youtuber).  It's filled with seasonal styles and a fabulous range of gold-tone jewellery.  
Belgium bruges Pink Flower Wall in Summer
Dille & Kamille Shop Bruges Belgium
Bruges Famous Public Park

A S   F A R   A S   T H E   E Y E   C A N   S E E . . . 

Okay, so assuming you're wanting to see the very, very best of Bruges - there are a few ideal locations that offer the most beautiful viewpoints.  Firstly, we have the location below, which can be found by the canals directly next to Relais Bourgondisch Cruyce Hotel.  There are plenty of seats available both outside the hotel, and at the cafe directly opposite.  Next up, the most photographed spot in Bruges - Quay of the Rosary (Rozenhoedkaai).  But once you're finished there, see it from the other perspective by enjoying a drink on the terrace there at the easily accessible pub located next to The Beer Wall.  Admittedly, the beer-theme isn't exactly my speed, but the views are lovely from outside!  And finally, to get a panoramic view of the famous Market Square, you can either walk the 366 steps of The Belfry (a small admission fee of 10 euros), or alternatively head to Friterie 1900.  The food is nothing special, but the views are more than worth it by heading upstairs to the first floor.

Psst!  Spot the inspiring quote graffitied onto the wall of this friterie by the window! 
Luxury Travel Blog Guide Bruges Belgium
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T H E   A C T I V I T I E S   T O   P L A C E   I N   Y O U R   P L A N N E R

There are some obvious activities to schedule, such as enjoying a boat ride through the canals and walking to the edges of the old town to see the windmills.  However, some other activities to add to your list while in Bruges, include visiting The Beguinage (Begijnhof) and the calming church in the middle of their grass-covered square. Tuck into some chocolate-covered waffles at Oyya and other sweet treats at Aux Merveilleux.  Bruges is at its most beautiful by night, and so put on your walking shoes and head out at some time past 10pm to truly capture the historic charm of the city.      
Luxury Travel Blog Hotel Dukes Palace Review
Hotel Dukes Palace Lounge Photography
Hotel Dukes Palace Room Service Breakfast Review
Hotel Dukes Palace Travel Blog Review

A   H O T E L   F I T   F O R   A   P R I N C E S S 

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Hotel Dukes' Palace is my absolute favourite accommodation in Bruges. I've returned to the fairytale-esque hotel at least five times and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future!  I've tried a handful of the luxury hotels available in the city, however none quite compare to the luxury and beauty of this five-star hotel.  Should you be considering booking a trip to Bruges for a special occasion, I'd definitely recommend splashing out that little bit extra to make your stay memorable.  The hotel has recently renovated some of their ground floor spaces and the results are beautiful; with even more touches of gold and beige than before.  So, if you're looking for photo opportunities, Hotel Dukes' Palace is definitely the one - I've literally only just stopped spamming my Instagram feed with images from my time at the hotel!

Psst!  Be sure to request whether you'd like to stay in the main building, otherwise you may be placed in a garden room.  Some people's idea of heaven, but not mine as I prefer to be a few floors up!
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Hotel Dukes Palace Bruges Travel Blog Review
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I could talk about Bruges all day long, but I'll leave it there... until next time! If you have any questions about the city, please do send them over as I'm pretty confident by this point I may be able to help from a tourist's perspective.  Have you ever visited Bruges before?  Let me know in the comments below!

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With love,

Gabrielle x