Windsor The Two Brewers Famous Pub
I've said it before and I'll say it again, one of the absolute best things about this time of year is the mass of layering opportunities.  Unlike throughout summer when we're looking for as little material to cling to our skin as possible, these chilly days invite us to pile on the layers - and therefore the outfits!  Speaking with my content creating hat on right now, it's a godsend with regard to shooting in the same location, without looking as though you're outfit repeating 24/7.  But flashing cameras aside,  if you're curious and want to experiment, one of the most versatile pieces to start playing around with is a printed midi dress.  Armed with a beautiful look from Odd Molly, I caught the train from London and hit the streets of Windsor to see how the My Kind Of Beautiful midi dress transitioned from one look to another, and then another...

L O O K   O N E   :   C A S U A L   C H I C

Let's kick off the three-way styling with the most casual of the looks.  It features the brand new Odd Molly Good For Everything Turtleneck and it completely overperforms by staying true to its name!  In particular, the turtleneck does a pretty fabulous job at layering over a midi dress to give the illusion of a slip skirt.  I've paired the look with tan and brown accessories to complement the nature at this time of year, including a knitted headband for those chillier days.  As you'll notice with all three styling options, I've selected gold jewellery as a finishing touch - because I am, and have always been, biased towards the shiniest of jewellery.  Oops!
Odd Molly Good For Everything Turtleneck Pink Jumper
Odd Molly Fashion Blog Style Collaboration 2019
How to style a midi dress in 3 ways fashion blogger
Chlobo Gold Virgo Zodiac Pendant
L O O K   T W O   :   G E T T I N G   G LA M

The alpaca wool-blend jumper is off, revealing the full beauty of the Odd Molly My Kind Of Beauty Dress worn underneath.  If you're signed up to Odd Molly's newsletters, you'll have seen the recent edit put together by a handful of content creators (yours truly included), showcasing all the ways in which you can wear this midi dress. It truly is incredibly versatile.  I've switched the bag here to a more boho-themed design to ensure the outfit doesn't go 'full glam' too soon.  Speaking of which, there are a couple of other colour options available online including anthracite grey and bright pink - depending on your mood!
Luxury london blogger boho style autumn
Odd Molly My Kind Of Beautiful midi dress fashion blog

Windsor The Two Brewers Famous Pub in Autumn

L O O K   T H R E E   :   F U L L    G L A M

Last but not least, my favourite!  Surprise surprise, I'm favouring the most glam of the three looks.  The transition from day-to-night is surprisingly easy with a midi dress - or at least, with the right few accessories.  A key accessory for this look is the Louis Vuitton belt; cinching in the waist and contributing to the luxurious vibe of the outfit for eveningwear.  And then, of course, a pair of sky-high stilettos!  If you haven't already, be sure to add a nude pair of pointed pumps to your shoe collection ASAP.  You'll be amazed by just how many times you reach for them (especially throughout the festive season)!
Louis Vuitton LV Initiales 30mm Reversible Monogram belt
Luxury styling for printed midi dress
Louis Vuitton LV Initiales 30mm Reversible Monogram Logo Belt
Luxury Photography Windsor Castle Street
Luxury London Fashion Blog Autumn Styling 2019
I'd love to hear your thoughts on this three-way styling; which was your favourite look?  Let me know in the comments below!

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With love,

Gabrielle x

Thanks to Odd Molly for working with me on this post!