The Angel Hotel Bury St Edmunds Suffolk Review
Did I forget to share this post during the summertime?  Perhaps.  However, don't let that take away from the message of this travel post - to appreciate a slower break every once in a while.  I adore exploring and rushing around new locations as much as the next person, but sometimes a quick weekend dash to instead somewhere restful can be exactly what we need.  Somewhere in the middle of the hectic summertime, I hit pause and headed to Bury St Edmunds; a historic market town known for being tranquil and attracting those seeking exactly that - tranquility.  When was the last time you scheduled a weekend break to slow down, rather than speed up?  
The Angel Hotel Bury St Edmunds Travel Blog Review
The Angel Hotel Bury St Edmunds Suffolk Blog Review
The arrival of chillier weather can see us all booking flights to warmer destinations (speaking of which, a full Crete travel diary will be coming soon to A Glass Of Ice).  But can I make a suggestion?  Hold off on heading away on that margarita-sipping, skinny-dipping trip until the New Year and instead skip town for a weekend to somewhere remote and calming in the meantime.  It could act as a total refresher, without messing with your calendar!  For me, Bury St Edmunds acted as my 'refresher' thanks to the comfortable vibe of cobbled-streets and tourists in cagoules.  My chosen hotel also played its role in helping me achieve my dream self-care stay. The Angel Hotel is a 4-star boutique hotel, located at the very heart of Bury St Edmunds and directly opposite Abbey Gardens; fourteen acres of rolling hills, blooms and historical ruins.
The Angel Hotel Bury St Edmunds Bathroom
The Angel Hotel Bury St Edmunds Suffolk Okay, so you've decided on your tranquil location and you've clicked 'Book Now' on a hotel room.  The next step is to pack your comfiest of loungewear, to allow you to curl up and read magazines or browse Pinterest for as many hours as you please from the comfort of your hotel room!  Speaking of which, no self-care stay would be complete without a pamper session in a sparkling clean bathroom.  I took some recently gifted Dermalogica treats away with me to try for the first time, including the Dermalogica Age Brightening Spot Treatment and Dermalogica Age Bright Clearing Serum.  A foot scrub was also on the cards along with a conditioning hair treatment - so, pretty much all of the things I neglect while back in London!  What would you do for your body if you had this chunk of time to play around with?
The Angel Hotel Bury St Edmunds Travel Blog Diary
I always spend one evening of a self-care break writing down thoughts, goals and everything in between.  Sometimes, you need to be far-removed from your current situation to be able to put things into perspective and figure out how best to move forwards.  It can be equal parts confronting and exciting!  So, if you're yet to convince your partner, friend or loved one to head away with you on a last-minute break with self-care in mind, maybe slide this blog post under their nose to get them thinking....
Things to Do in Bury St Edmunds Travel Blog Guide
When was the last time you headed away on a short break with self-care in mind?  Do you have one planned? Let me know in the comments below!

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