Zara mini black tweed dress
So, the word 'glamour' has transformed over the years and become something we may not necessarily want to emulate.  However, thanks to brands (particularly well-know beauty names - cough cough Charlotte Tilbury) adopting the term 'old school glamour' over recent years to showcase ultra feminine, bold collections, the word 'glamour' is falling back into the good books.  Combine that with a little talk of Marilyn Monroe, a sprinkling of celebrities dressing as old Hollywood stars for Halloween and a splash of some of the best wavy hair tutorials Instagram has ever seen, and you've got a pretty decent argument for embracing old school glamour.  You want to go all in?  Easy.  Triple the size of your hair and flash a cleavage.  But what about when you just want to bring elements of the style into your everyday life - without stopping traffic?  Hmm....
National Trust Petworth Park in Autumn
Zara sleeveless mini tweed dress
National Trust Petworth Park in Autumn
The beauty of any style is that it will be interpreted differently by everyone.  Personally, I feel as though old school glamour screams of femininity and sex appeal, with an air of aloofness.  It's this very reason I added a pair of sheer gloves to my accessory collection this season.  Will they keep me warm?  Hell no.  But if you hadn't noticed - that's not at aaaall when this style is about.  The summer equivalent would be a pair of slim cat eye sunglasses, or an oversized sunhat with gold-tone hardware.  Catch my drift?  Interestingly, there's something historically sexy about sheer gloves.  Perhaps because they hint at what lies underneath.  I mean, sure it's just a load of fingers and 90% of my legs are on show anyway - but what are the gloves hiding?1?!  Joking aside, it's an undeniably feminine way of injecting your #ootd with some old school glamour.
black polka dot print lace gloves
Moda in Pelle Ilari black gold stiletto heels
Luxury london blogger winter fashion
National Trust Petworth Park in Autumn


Shirt - Ralph Lauren   |   Dress - Zara

Gloves - Calzedonia


Luxury fashion blog old school glamour styling
Z for Accessorize gold moon star necklace
Moda in Pelle Ilari black gold suede heels
Forget the transparent strappy sandals and platform pumps, this style is all about elegance.  My new favourite addition to my shoe collection?  These Ilari black suede pumps via Moda in Pelle.  The pointed toe will always be a fail-safe option and ten thousand times yes! to the heavy embellishment at the heel!  These pumps give an entirely new meaning to ''take me as I am, or watch me as I go'' - such a statement!  The entwined gold-tone floral metalwork is completed with gemstone detailing, making them the perfect evening shoe for special occasions this festive season.  Once again, this is another contribution to achieving the old school glamour style.  Ultimately, it's about feeling feminine, sexy and entirely in control.  And what could be better than that?!
Autumn photography at petworth park
black sheer polka dot tulle gloves
How do you interpret the style of old school glamour? Let me know in the comments below!

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With love,

Gabrielle x

Thanks to Moda in Pelle for working with me on this post!