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Here's the thing: they don't tell you that about fashion blogging.  You know, the part where you head out in public wearing clothes suited to the next season to strike poses in busy locations.  When I first start doing this, it felt like the world's biggest achievement to catch a couple of photos in an outfit on a sidewalk - and one that usually warranted a 'reward chocolate bar' afterwards as a tangible congratulations.  However, things have changed a lot since then, life has moved forwards and now the least challenging aspect of life is taking these photos.  Plus, it turns out I'm a bit of an attention whore and kind of love the process.  Oops.  But don't get me wrong, there's always the occasional location that throws you thanks to the sheer mass of people around - whether you're a content creator, or tourist.  And it's in those situations we all find ourselves asking: how do I shoot this outfit without dying from embarrassment?
Zara brown croc embossed crossbody bag
Mint Velvet white knitted beanie hat
how to shoot fashion blog outfits in public easily


Q U I T   T H E   S H A M E

Are you embarrassed by your outfit?  Hopefully not, seeing as you styled it piece by piece to create an outfit you wanted to show the online and/or offline world!  You were confident of it before leaving your home (and mirror), so what's changed?  Wear it with pride, girl!  There's nothing so attractive as confidence.  Imagine if you went to see a play at a theatre and the cast were all too embarrassed to talk and ended up laughing and blushing the entire time.  Hmm, yeah.  Put your all into it and feel fabulous with the result!


Unless you're carrying a six-foot mirror around with you on the streets, how can you possibly know what will look good on camera, unless you check and practice beforehand?  Nailing each new pose in a few frames means less time taking the photos - it's a win-win!

 A S S U M E   T H E   B E S T

You've heard someone whispering.  You see someone whipping out their phone.  Stop overthinking it.  Nobody is so important that everyone is diverting every ounce of their attention to you.  While watching you snap your shots, I can guarantee you they're still thinking about what that person said to them at work this morning, and what they're going to eat for lunch etc. etc.  And hey, have you ever considered perhaps they're looking because they like your outfit?!  Personally, any time I've seen content creators or tourists taking photos, I'm usually looking because I like their lipstick shade, or I'm wondering where they bought their shoes from.  It could mean one million and one different things.  Relax.


Where will you be shooting?  If you're planning on multiple outfits, where will you change?  Where is the sun likely to rise/set for best lighting?  Is there a busy time to avoid?  There are so many pre-thoughts that can lend you a helping hand.  

T I P   T I M E !

 A few suggestions include avoiding rush hour (when people are going, or returning from work) and lunchtimes.  Wear a long coat over your outfit to get to-and-from locations to increase comfort.  Kick yourself into action from the moment you start shooting to ensure you get the shot you need in as little time as possible.  And finally, remember how you're not causing any harm by taking a few photos of your outfit, and onlookers are equally causing no harm by watching - so if you catch someone's eye, flash a smile!


Anna Field Lace-up Brown Ankle Biker Boots Zalando
Zara Camel Elbow Patch Blazer
Wool mini plaid skirt


Blazer - Zara   |   Blouse - Ralph Lauren

Boots - Anna Field Lace-up Ankle Boots (Zalando)

Hat - Mint Velvet


Gold-plated real leaf necklace
How to shoot fashion blog outfits in public
I'd love to hear your thoughts on this topic - whether you're a content creator, or someone who just loves capturing their looks to share with friends/family!  Can you relate to any of these tips?  Let me know in the comments below!

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With love,

Gabrielle x