Crete island red sand beach
I'm looking at these images of the beautiful island of Crete and thinking: was it really three months ago that I was padding across the sand?!  Yes, yes it was.  However, it was cold then and it's cold now and so now seems like the perfect time to discuss some winter sun.  Tomorrow has become renowned for being the most depressing date of the year thanks to a decade-old study, earning it the name Blue Monday, and so consider this post an injection of Vitamin D into your world!  If you haven't already booked a dose of sunshine for the remaining months of this winter, now is the time.  Alternatively, look ahead and schedule a week in a tropical climate for later in the year; preferably around the time when the temperature drops where you are and you're left pining for bikinis...
Crete luxury travel blog diary
Luxury blog winter sun holiday
Crete Island luxury travel blog review


C H A S E   T H E   S U N

Let's start with the most obvious appeal of booking winter sun travel: you'll be chasing the sun.  Good bye freezing cold limbs and hello sun kissed cheeks

A   B R E A K   F R O M   T H E   N O R M

Monotony usually starts to creep in for most of us while the season hasn't quite yet transitioned into the next.  For example, the month of October, at which point summer is over and yet the festive season hasn't quite got underway.  Switching up your schedule and providing a very good reason to get excited is the perfect break from the norm you (most likely) need

A V O I D   T H E   C R O W D S

Ever tried to enjoy a quiet stroll on a beach during peak season?  Ughhh.  Off-peak travel tends to have a much more relaxed and romantic feel to it.  You have more space and freedom to do whatever you please.  You're more likely to secure your favourite table at a restaurant, enjoy a quiet moment with your partner before a kid comes over and drops ice cream on your foot and the list goes on and on...


white horse and carriage in greece
Greek island of Crete boutique shop
Cute Crete Greek Building
Crete luxury travel blog photography
Why You Need To Book A Winter Sun Holiday


L O W E R   R A T E S

Nooooow we're talking!  One of the most praised elements of winter sun travel is often the better rates.  Your budget allows for a different hotel bracket and far more little luxuries can be packed into your trip - guilt-free!    

H E L L O  ,  V I T A M I N   D

The psychological benefits of jetting off for winter sun while the weather is terrible at home are incredible.  90% of our essential Vitamin D needs to come from sun exposure.  However, throughout the months of October-March, the sun's ultraviolet rays are not strong enough for the body to synthesise into Vitamin D.  And that, ladies and gents, is your reason to get on and book some winter sun!


Crete mr and mrs white hotel
Crete mr and mrs white hotel blog photo
mr and mrs white hotel breakfast doughnuts
Crete mr and mrs white hotel in Autumn October
For those curious about the location shown in this blog post, all photos were taken on the beautiful Greek island of Crete during mid-October of last year.  The trip lasted for one week, however it should have been longer but unfortunately I became very ill beforehand and had to fly out to join my partner later in the week!  Thankfully, the sun did a fabulous job at healing and seven blissful days were spent touring across the island by car, stopping at beaches and indulging in plenty of local cuisine.  My favourite hotel of the trip?  Mr and Mrs White Crete Resort & Spa.  The all-white theme to their hotels makes for a beautifully clean and fresh stay - and of course, Instagrammable too!
Mr and Mrs White Crete Resort & Spa blog review
Mr and Mrs White Crete Resort & Spa travel blog review
Crete luxury travel blog review
When was the last time you set off to a warm climate in the middle of winter?  Do you have any winter sun planned for this year?  Let me know in the comments below!

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With love,

Gabrielle x