Fairfax and Favor Belgravia Riding Boots
You look into your wardrobe; find yourself faced with options and opportunities.  And yet - and yet - you just want to wear that one colour you've been obsessing over for the past half year.  For me, that colour is brown.  For the past year, I've thrown myself head first into a pool of warm, creamy shades on the scale, ranging from nude and beige to hazelnut and chocolate brown.  The fabulous thing about discovering a pool that perfectly suits your aesthetic is that your wardrobe very quickly begins filling to the brim with similar shades.  However, the slightly trickier (though entirely manageable) task is to figure out how best to combine those varying shades of the same colour - and without looking the fashion version of a mushroom.  Dull.  Though, fear not, I'm out here in the freeeeezing cold to help you find solutions to this very problem!
Ralph Lauren designer tan brown crossbody handbag
Wellensteyn women's brown padded gilet
Joules Mr Toad Tweed Watch Strap
First and foremost, avoid clashing shades that are too close together.  If the pieces are from different brands, it's very unlikely the colour will match perfectly.  Instead, opt for obvious clashes from the same colour pool.  If possible, the magic happens when you can introduce two similar shades into a look without them meeting - in this instance, it's the gilet and suede knee-high riding boots from Fairfax & Favor.  However, such a thing exists as 'having too much of a good thing', right?  Break up an outfit with a neutral shade such as this roll neck from Hobbs.  Depending on the colour you're obsessing over right now, find a contrasting colour that deflects but doesn't distract from the outfit.  Speaking of which, keep in mind the body parts you're wanting to draw attention to - and likewise, the parts you're not.  One final point to keep in mind: monochromatic styling is not about blending in.  It's about standing out.    
Missguided gold chain padlock necklace
Fairfax & Favor Belgravia Chocolate Brown Boots
Joules Tweed Mr Toad Watch Strap
Joules Mr Toad Tweed Watch blog review


Watch - Mr Toad Tweed Watch c/o Joules

Top - Hobbs Mischa Roll Neck   |   Gilet - Wellensteyn   |   Jeans - Calzedonia

Boots - The Belgravia Boots c/o Fairfax & Favor


Fairfax & Favor The Belgravia Boot Influencer Collaboration
Missguided gold padlock chain necklace
how to wear a monochromatic outfit in winter
I'd love to hear your thoughts on monochromatic styling!  Do you often style outfits filled with different shades from the same colour pool, or prefer to stay away from that?  Let me know in the comments below!

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