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Happy New Year!  The sun is shining, birds are tweeting and we're all jumping out of bed ready to seize the day!  Okay, perhaps not the last one.  But we wish we were seizing the day, right?  January is the month that sees most of us plot and scheme for the New Year ahead - and even more so with this being the start of a new decade.  The question is: where to start?  Personally, I love to create reward schemes for having set and achieved goals.  Sure, it's not the be-all and end-all, but there's no denying it's fabulous performance as the cherry on the cake!  So, with a fresh twelve months ahead of us, let's think about how we can encourage ourselves to get up and go, go, go... 
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M A K E   A   B I G   D E A L   O U T   O F   Y O U R   R E W A R D S

Needless to say, if your goal is to become more financially savvy, then perhaps don't make your first reward a Chanel Boy Bag.  SorryThat little treat aside, make a biiig deal out of your rewards.  They need to excite you, or else they're not serving their purpose. 

C H A N G E   '  H A V E  T O  '   I N T O   '  W A N T  T O  '

More often than not, we're naturally dispositioned to try and avoid the things we have to do, because there's usually things we'd much rather be diverting our attention to.  A little trick?  Change 'have' to 'want' in the form of a positive affirmation - give yourself a fighting chance!

V O C A L I S E   T H E   E N D   R E S U L T S

Write them down.  Think about them.  Talk about them to anyone who will listen.     

C R E A T E   A   M O O D B O A R D   O F   Y O U R   R E W A R D S 

... because they're fun?  No, no.  There's more to them than that (I guess).  The process of creating the moodboard will more than likely show you the rewards you actually want.  Beyond that, place it somewhere in your line of sight at home.  Make it a visual process!  

C O N S I D E R   N O N  -  M A T E R I A L I S T I C   G O A L S

Because we're not always motivated by things.  Consider adding experiences and occasions to your rewards list.  Alternatively, create the reward of a pampering day.  A day in which you can sit back, relax, whip out the nail polish and schedule hours upon hours of Netflix... 


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What goals have you set yourself for this year?  Let me know in the comments below!

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