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It's a common complaint amongst those in their twenties/thirties that the pressure is on.  This is partly imposed by others, and partly self-imposed.  Career progression, falling in love, starting a family, buying a home and the list goes on and on.  Amidst all of this - as wonderful as all of the above can be - we can often lose sight of how much we already have to be grateful for.  We chase the next thing, appreciate it for all of a second, and then move on to the next life improvement.  With a fresh new year ahead of us to play with, I challenge you (and myself, because y'girl needs to practice what she preaches) to practice gratitude.  Day-in and day-out.  So, while you're busy seeking and achieving this year (take a peek at my guide to setting goals and rewards), you don't find yourself climbing endless mountains without ever feeling satisfied...
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First and foremost, practising gratitude forces you to pause and take a moment to reflect before rushing towards your next goal. By doing this, we're able to see everything we've accomplished that may have since slipped our minds - that day, week, month or even year.  Our minds flood with positive memories and result in a mental 'pat on the back'. This positive viewpoint instantly helps us to feel happier; both about what has been, and what's to come.  Positivity won't get you everywhere in life, but you've got to admit, it goes a damn long way. This shift in thinking becomes more and more noticeable after practicing gratitude on a daily basis.  It's impossible to view your life negatively when you're constantly reminding and congratulating yourself on all that you've achieved and experienced!
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So, thanks to gratitude we have a greater sensation of happiness creeping into our daily lives.  Although, another angle to take is also the minimised avoidance of fears.  Our brains are wired to protect us and therefore only when we feel able do we usually seek new challenges.  Get where I'm going with this?  Happier you, equals less fearful you and therefore... a you that achieves more!

If I can do that, then perhaps I can do this.  
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So, in short, practising gratitude will help improve your self-esteem, increase positivity, bounce back more quickly from stressful situations and therefore... change your life.  Voila!  I'd love to hear your thoughts on this topic.  Let me know in the comments below...

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