Mii Cosmetics ColourPlay Eye Palette blog review
Well now, it's been a hot minute since I last mentioned Mii Cosmetics!  Don't read into the silence though, because I'm still religiously using the brand's products on a daily basis.  Their eye makeup products in particular have remained favourites of mine for years now.  With this in mind, I'm always delighted to be introduced by the brand to their latest, shiny releases.  Most recently, it's been a handful of the most fabulous warm, deep shades entirely in tune with the season...
Mii Cosmetics beauty blog review
Mii Cosmetics ColourPlay Eye Palette uk blog review


M I I   C O S M E T I C   C O L O U R P L A Y   E Y E   P A L E T T E

Say hello to the highly-pigmented palette of your golden bombshell dreams: Mii Cosmetics ColourPlay Eye Palette.  Combining matte and metallic, the palette offers a range of flattering, warm shades ideal for pairing with a strong glow and blow dried hair.  You could choose between Berry Vogue and Spicy Chic, the latter being shown in this post.  Sadly, this was a limited edition winter palette and is now sold out, however two new palettes are being introduced to the ColourPlay family in April 2020 - the countdown begins!

Psst! Once you've applied your eyeshadow, use Mii Cosmetics Enchanting Eye Colour in Sunbeam to dab into the corners of your eyes for a mesmerising sparkle!    


Mii Cosmetics beauty blogger review
Mii Cosmetics ColourPlay Eye Palette review 2020
Mii Cosmetics beauty blog collaboration
Mii Cosmetics New In Makeup Collection 2020


M I I   C O S M E T I C S   L I G H T   L O V I N G   I N T E N S I T Y   L I Q U I D   I L L U M I N A T O R

As I 've mentioned on maaaaany occasions, I'm all about that glow; something which goes hand in hand with achieving that coveted 'low key bombshell' look.  Spot the effect down the bridge of my nose in the below image.  I'm wearing Mii Cosmetics Light Loving Intensity Liquid Illuminator in Femme Fatale, with the finished effect being blindingly gorgeous.  The generous glass bottle is well worth investing in to see you through to the spring season.  

If you're still searching for a highlighter that actually performs,  be sure to give this one a go - it doesn't disappoint!


M I I   C O S M E T I C S   C L I C K   &   C O L O U R   C R A Y O N   L I P S T  I C K

Oh yes, we do love a chubby stick.  Mii Cosmetics Click & Colour Crayon Lipsticks are available in five different shades, including Rose, a flattering soft pink shade.  Alternatively, go full bombshell and opt for Cassis for extra wow factor.  The pigmentation is fabulous and similar to most Mii Cosmetics lip products, glide on effortlessly thanks to a formula infused with avocado and mango oil.  One of my favourite aspects of Mii Cosmetics' products has always been the moisturising effect, ensuring no dryness during/after wear!


Mii Cosmetics Light Loving Intensity Liquid Illuminator blog review
Mii Cosmetics cruelty free makeup brand
Mii Cosmetics honest blog review
Does anything about this look in particular stand out to you?  Do you also prefer to wear warm shades?  Let me know in the comments below!

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With love,

Gabrielle x

Thanks to Mii Cosmetics for working with me on this post!