To put it bluntly, this is not an easy time for anyone.  However, the silver lining throughout the unfolding of this pandemic has been the sense of solidarity emerging throughout the world.  Whether we like it or not: we're in this together.  I've looong been a believer in making the most out of a situation; to accept how circumstances may not be ideal, but if you're well enough to make a choice - to not let those circumstances walk all over you.  With this in mind, I've been doing my absolute best to keep to a routine.  I've been remote working for the past few years anyway and so it's not too much of a shift.  However, with self-isolation in practice, things can occasionally go a bit... sideways.  So, in spirit with this embellished power suit, I figured it was high time to develop an embellished power attitude!
What does this 'embellished power attitude' entail, you ask?  Well, for starters it's not about what you're wearing - we'll save that for later in the post!  Alternatively, it's about how you handle the cards we've been dealt.  A lot of advice is popping up left, right and centre across social media right now, explaining what we should and shouldn't be doing to 'make the most' of the pandemic.  But here's the thing: you don't need to make the most of it.  It's okay how you react.  You may be relaxed, you may be anxious.  Either way is fine.  Instead, it's all about finding your happiness throughout this time and developing a mindset that helps you to power through.  For me, this means focussing on learning the skills I'd neglected and turning my attention to some new endeavours that can be accessed indoors (guess who's starting a Youtube channel very, very soon!).  But at the opposite end of the scale, this also means taking more time to soak in the bath and spending evenings watching Netflix with a flickering candle by my side.  That's my version of an embellished power attitude - how about yours? 

Shoes - Lost Ink

Roll neck - Hobbs   |   Bag - Karen Millen

Okay, I promised we'd get around to the outfit and here we are!   Part of maintaining my sanity throughout this time comes with finding a little relief from the news in the world of content creation, fashion and well, all things pretty!  I truly hope you feel the same way and that my blog can be a slice of - albeit brief - respite from current affairs.  This embellished suit from J.Kwan did exactly that for me (don't worry, these photos were taken before social distancing).  This drop dead gorgeous embellished Forest Fairy Blazer and Forest Fairy Trousers set has served as a ray of sunshine in my wardrobe of late; and believe me when I say just how excited I am to wear it outdoors again at some point!  The fit is true to size and the blazer in particular has a gorgeously flattering fit.  I've paired it here with a bright white roll neck from Hobbs, nude stilettos heels and gold-tone accessories.  Speaking of the latter, look closely and you'll see one of my favourite personalised necklaces from oNecklace.  Longterm readers may remember this roman numeral design from my 5 Accessories You Need This Summer! styling post (throwing it aaaall the way back to 2018!).  I actually have a few pieces from the brand now as I just adore personalised jewellery!
I really hope that you're happy and healthy right now, and that perhaps this post has provided a little distraction for you during these uncertain times!  I'd love to hear how you're doing right now, as well as your thoughts on this embellished suit?  Let me know in the comments below!

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With love,

Gabrielle x