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Let's face it, it'll be near impossible to get everything you want to create this year's Easter table setting thanks to the lockdown restrictions.  However, if you're frantically pacing up and down your kitchen right now, wondering how to add a splash of something to your themed table this weekend, fear not!  I've got you covered.  Needless to say, nipping out to the shops at this late stage is out of the question and so instead, let's turn the focus over to whatever we may have sitting in our homes to jazz up the aesthetic.  Depending on who you're spending lockdown with, you may not be able to share the meal with your friends/family and loved ones.  But you can make the meal spectacular, nevertheless.  Ready for five quick, easy and yet high-impact tips?  Let's go!
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E V E R Y T H I N G   B L O O M S   I N   I T S   O W N   T I M E

If you're blessed with a garden of any size, reach for your secateurs and bring inside a few flowers of which to embellish your Easter table setting!

G O   F O R   G O L D

... or silver, whatever.  Either way, fill your table with an abundance of your chosen metallic for an instant upgrade.  Ooh, sparkles...

H I D E   A N D   S E E K 

This is a safe space - you can be honest with me.  You've got some mini eggs, creme eggs and Lindt chocolate bunnies stashed away somewhere, right?  Sorry, but this is where I become the villain by asking you to bring them out and place them down on each table setting (ideally, next to name cards).  It may just be you and your partner, but there's no denying this will make for an adorable personal touch to help create a sense of occasion during these difficult times!

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B E   G E N T L E   W I T H   M E   P A S T E L S

Take a tour through your home and cherrypick any pastel-coloured accessories that scream of the Spring season.  If you're struggling to transform your Easter table setting, pastel colours are sure to help you level up!  I'm talking light pink, baby blue, canary yellow, light green...  

C R E A T I V I T Y   I S   N O T   A   C O M P E T I T I O N

... unless you've challenged your roomies/loved ones to create a centrepiece for your table setting!  It's a win-win. You get to spend time together creating something crafty and the centre of your themed table stops looking so tragic.  If you're desperately short of time, simply adopt the old tradition of painting hard eggs.  Then, give them pride of place at the centre in a caged bowl or glass jar.  Too easy.

I'd love to hear how you'll be spending this Easter Sunday?  I plan on eating my body weight in roast turkey before munching my way through more chocolate than humanly possible.  Next up?  A couple of films, accompanied by candles and fur throws.  Let me know in the comments below!

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