French Rustic Brunch Table Setting
Another day, another styled table setting!  Oh you know I adore putting these together; and even more so when I'm playing around with something new.  With the weekend just around the corner, now seems like the perfect time to put on our thinking caps and brainstorm ways to make this weekend a little different from the last.  Especially during a time when our options are limited due to the global situation right now.  Theming a meal is a fabulous way of creating an occasion and from the comfort of your own home - besides adding a few extra items to your bag when grocery shopping, of course!  This theme?  A French rustic country brunch table setting.  It's high impact and yet welcoming.  Luxurious, though still entirely comfortable.  Dive into this croissant-infused world with me...

waitrose pain au chocolat
pampas grass close-up
The most important element of this French country brunch setting is the inclusion of rattan/jute materials.  They bring an earthy element to the table that can otherwise be preeeetty hard to achieve.  Bamboo and straw are also good options for other items such as bread baskets or small side bowls.  I've used pampas grass to add a little extra texture to the scene; it's a favourite of mine thanks to the soft, aesthetic influence it (quite literally) 'brings to the table'.  From there, you can build on the textures by adding velvet and/or embroidered cushions to the chairs - and throws, if the temperature happens to be colder than how you imagine Provence to be in May.  
Anthropologie French style bowls
French Country Brunch Table Setting
Anthroplogie Tres Bien Kitchen Cylinder Storage
The themed crockery in this post was all recently purchased from Anthropologie in one of their fabulous sales.  The geometric, metallic design of this set is dreamy and immediately caught my eye.  I've long been a fan of bringing metallic gold touches into every table setting I style, however that element is entirely up to you.  The question you need to be asking yourself, is how rustic do you want to go? Once you've answered that question, you can move on to the most exciting element of any table setting - the food!   A few suggestions for your French-themed country brunch table setting include pain au chocolat, croissants with preserves and butter, other pastries, coffee, juice, and yoghurt with a variety of fruits. 
Anthropologie bowl of luxury oats
French Rustic Country Brunch Table Setting
I hope this post has given you some inspiration for how you might like to style a table setting for this upcoming weekend!  It can be a wonderful way of breaking from the norm and celebrating a sense of occasion - all from the safe and comfort from your own home!  Do you have any favourite elements of this table setting?  Let me know in the comments below!

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With love,

Gabrielle x