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You can now find me over on Youtube.  Ah!  I can hardly believe I'm typing this, because the inspiration to launch my own channel only started to emerge about a month ago - and there's now two videos up over there!  I had always laughed off the idea and rather seen myself as more of a static content creator.  However, this lockdown has brought about a desire to delve into other creative fields and funnily enough, YouTube scratches that itch!  A huge driver for me has always been self improvement and so it's fascinating to see how you can constantly improve and switch things up over there.  I absolutely love the process: planning, filming, editing, sharing.  My first video at the weekend (5 Ways To Style A Slip Skirt For Spring/Summer) was an exciting first step, although the lighting leaves much to be desired.  For the second video to be uploaded this week (My 3 Favourite Designer Accessories), I'd figured out how to achieve better lighting, though noticed other areas to improve for the next upload - such as the audio. Like I said, it's all about self improvement...
           Rose gold clothes rail
NEW youtuber announcement

M Y   F I R S T   E V E R   Y O U T U B E   V I D E O

fashionable summer sandals

M Y   S E C O N D   E V E R   Y O U T U B E   V I D E O

youtube how to style a slip skirt
I'll be sharing videos about fashion, lifestyle and a little bit of beauty over on my Youtube channel and it would mean the world to me if you'd head over and subscribe!  I have some exciting content planned for this year (especially once the lockdown comes to an end!) and I've also got a couple of fabulous giveaways planned for those subscribed to my channel.  
Manolo Blahnik Hangisi 70mm white pumps
I'd love to hear your thoughts on either of the videos I've uploaded to YouTube so far (scroll up to watch!).  Any kind of feedback is much appreciated; I'm just buzzing with excitement over ways to improve the channel!  Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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