Moda in Pelle White Studded Illani Sandals
At the beginning of 2020, we could never have predicted how this year would unfold.  Let's admit it, at times it's a bit of a horror show.  However, the silver lining (if you can refer to it as that), is picking up some life lessons along the way that can help us in the future.  These months have had a noticeable effect on everyone; tensions are running high in some ways, and bringing us closer together in others.  Personally, I've noticed a few mindset shifts in particular that social distancing and the Coronavirus has taught me over these uncertain months - and I would love to know if you can relate to any of them...
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Moda in Pelle Illani White Studded Sandals


T H E   P E O P L E   W E   B O T H   W A N T   A N D   N E E D   I N   O U R   C I R C L E

If this time has taught us anything, it's who we both want and need in our inner circle.  The people who are there for us, as we're there for them.  The people who pick us up when we're down - and vice versa.  It's these people who will have identified themselves over recent months.  Take note.

H O W   A M B I T I O U S   A R E   W E  ? 

Having all of this time away from 'normality' can serve as a brilliant eye-opener to determine what you want, and when you want it.  Personally,  I moved into a new copywriting role for Katie Loxton and Joma Jewellery and I'm absolutely loving every single day working for the brands.  It's breathed fresh air into my lungs and re-focussed my goals!

T H E   H O B B I E S   T H A T   B R I N G   G E N U I N E   H A P P I N E S S

Because we didn't believe it before, but there is such a thing as too much Netflix.  Although having said that, Season 3 of Dynasty has just gone live and now I'm not so sure... 

W H I C H   ' S L O W E R '   A S P E C T S   D O   W E   W A N T   T O   K E E P   I N   O U R   L I V E S  ?

There are so many aspects of these 'slower' days that can do us the world of good by sticking around.  I've found a new love for the occasional weekend baking session, as well as taking my lunch outside to enjoy it from the warmth of the busy park.  Have a little think about it...

T H E   I M P O R T A N C E   O F   B E I N G   K I N D

Above all else, social distancing can teach us the importance of being kind.  We've had our eyes opened to the vulnerable, to the lonely and that everyone,  everyone without exception, is human.


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Moda in Pelle Illani White Studded Sandals Review


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I'd love to hear if you can relate to any of these little life lessons?  Perhaps you have some of your own?  Let me know in the comments below!

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With love,

Gabrielle x