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I know, I know.  You don't want to think about how you won't be jet-setting off to a far away tropical island next week.  But hear me out!  There's plenty of ways to make the most of the country you're in while restrictions are still steadily easing.  Every location has its charm and attraction; be it at the heart of the city or deep into the countryside!  So, worldwide travel may not yet be a comfortable option, but in the meantime there's plenty of adventures you can have on your own turf - and that includes travelling within your own country (if allowed)...

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Holland Park London Summer 2020
Personally, living in London has enabled a lot of exploring over recent times.  But I'm not talking about sitting in luxurious cafés and shooting outfits in front of floral displays; something a little different.  I've been walking and walking... and seeing where I end up!  Most recently, this led me to Holland Park - one of London's most beautiful (free) parks.  Could I visit more often?  Absolutely, but I don't.  It's just one example of one of the many enchanting places close to home that can be enjoyed!  A lot of garden spaces and privately owned grounds are now opening up once again.  My advice?  Take advantage of this!  It can feel as though you're indulging in an Italian escape...
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Holland Park Architecture Photoshoot
Picnics, picnics, picnics.  Socially distanced picnics are the best way to catch up with friends and soak up the sunshine at the same time.  And besides, it beats Zoom chats!  Something I've really enjoyed is sliding past some of my favourite cafés with a loved one and enjoying a snack as you walk; it creates a sense of purpose serving as an anchor to the catch-up.  But what if you want to go further afield with your lockdown buddy?  If you drive a car - road trip!  In the UK plenty of public transport is opening again, clearing the path for trips further afield on home soil.  Which leads me on to some rather exciting news... I'm heading to the Isle of Scilly in a couple of weeks from now!  The restrictions on international travel still feel quite uncomfortable and so I've opted for the sandy island off the coast of Cornwall.  Funnily enough, a plane journey is still needed, but it's still 'home soil'!Fairfax & Favor London Fashion Blog Collaboration
Fairfax & Favor Monaco Tan Suede Espadrilles


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Fairfax and Favor Monaco Tan Brown Espadrilles
London Holland Park Summertime Photography
I'd love to hear what your plans are this summer for travelling and 'holiday-ing' - let me know in the comments below!

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