Mii Cosmetics Utopia Summer Collection Review
Yay!  Summer makeup!  I've tried to embrace the heavier foundations and darker eyeshadow shades of the colder months of the year, but it just never happens.  Summer is where my heart belongs and this is especially the case when discussing makeup!  Continuing my love for British brand Mii Cosmetics, I've been playing around this season with their gorgeous new Utopia summer collection.  In short, I'm smitten.  This is undoubtedly my favourite collection from the brand so far and mainly because the shades are totally up my street.  Personally, I opt for a sun-kissed look with a warm glow; metallic warmth on the eyes and a feminine colour pop to the lips.  If you also spend your time looking at images of Victoria's Secret bombshell makeup from nearly a decade ago and swoon over the aesthetic, read on...
Mii Cosmetics HydraBoost Lip Lover Review

M I I   C O S M E T I C S   D R E A M S C A P E   P A L E T T E

Mii Cosmetics' Utopia collection brings us two new multi-tasking Dreamscape palettes:  Free Spirit and Temptress.  Four super-pigmented eyeshadow shades join a bronzer and highlighter in a cute foldable palette.  Going back to my mention of super-pigmented, I mean super pigmented.  As with most palettes, I gravitate towards warm metallic shades and so similar with this collection, I've fallen head over heels for Euphoria; a deep warm bronze eyeshadow oozing with glamour.  If you have a slightly cooler skin tone, Free Spirit's hues lean more towards pink hues.  Me?  I'm devoted to Temptress.  

Psst!  The palette shown in the image below is 'Temptress'.
Mii Cosmetics Dreamscape Palette Temptress

M I I   C O S M E T I C S   H Y D R A B O O S T   L I P   L O V E R 

These lipsticks are the main reason for my frantically fast typing right now from sheer excitement.  I've spoken for a good few years now about just how moisturising Mii Cosmetics' shades are and well, they've outdone themselves.  Nestled inside their Utopia summer collection, six Mii Cosmetics HydraBoost Lip Lover shades can be found and each one with a special little secret.  At the centre of each shade, you'll find water-binding, volume-boosting hyaluronic acid to plumper, healthier-looking lips.  They are super moisturising to the point of gliding across your lips and have a gorgeously glossy finish - bye bye to dry lips!  The six-piece collection ranges from nudes to baby pink and all the way up to a bright orange colour pop.  Personally?  I've been layering Summer Lovin' (baby pink) over Flamingo (fuschia pink) for the perfect feminine pout this season.  My advice?  Try at least one shade and thank me later!

Psst!  These are the only lip shades I've been wearing this summer since receiving them!
Mii Cosmetics HydraBoost Lipstick Review

S K Y L I N E R   P E N C I L S

Ooh, Mii Cosmetics had a tough crowd for this one because I'm completely addicted to liquid eyeliner.  However, coincidentally I was between liners and so gave these Mii Cosmetics Skyliner Pencils a fair chance.  The Utopia summer collection features three shades: Midnight (black), Twilight (brown) and Evening Blue (uh.. blue).  Twilight and Evening Blue weren't for me, however Midnight is gorgeously creamy and glides across the eyelids smoothly without stumbling over the skin.  I'm still very much devoted to liquid eyeliner, however for those more keen on eye pencils,  Mii Cosmetics' Skyliner range is perfectly creamy.
Mii Cosmetics Utopia Collection beauty blog review


If you try one - HydraBoost Lip Lover

If you skip one - Skyliner Pencils


I'd love to hear your thoughts on this shimmering new Mii Cosmetics collection!  Does anything stand out to you as something you'd enjoy wearing?  Let me know in the comments below...

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Thanks to Mii Cosmetics for working with me on this blog post!