Bonsoir of London Claire de Quénetain Dressing Gown
I'm calling it - Christmas has arrived!  On late night walks I've started to spot twinkling lights wrapped around Christmas trees, festive goodies can be found around every corner, Christmas music is playing everywhere you go and... I've started putting up my decorations!  I'm knee deep in festive spirit and can't wait to help you embrace this magical time of year.  Are you ready to feel oh so merry?  Read on for my five tips to embracing the festive spirit this November!

Bonsoir of London Claire de Quénetain Blue Dressing Gown

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Bonsoir of London Claire de Quénetain Blue Dressing Gown

P U T   U P   Y O U R   C H R I S T M A S   D E C O R A T I O N S 

As these images would suggest, I'm completely on board with putting up Christmas decorations as soon as it feels right!  Let's be honest, this year could do with a little 'snazzing up' and so an early sprinkling of glitter here and there isn't too bad on the scale of things.  Me?  I'm kicking things off with golden tinsel and fairy lights..

S T A R T   P L A Y I N G   F E S T V E   M U S I C 

What better way to put a festive spring in your step than with Christmas music?!  If you're not quite ready for full-blown jingles, consider filling your home with the sound of soft instrumental festive music - perfect for when working or writing your Christmas cards!

W A T C H   C H R I S T M A S   F I L M S

Yay!  It's finally that time of year again!  Prepare for a heavy dose of snow and sparkles with your favourite festive films; the perfect way to remind yourself of everything wonderful about this time of year.  If you've already finished watching your fave classics, head to Netflix and start working your way through their impressive library of Christmas films!

C R E A T E   T H E   C O S I E S T   O F   E V E N I N G S

I've been reaching for Christmas candles lately with fragrances such as cinnamon to hit the senses with all things festive!  Wrap up in your most comfortable loungewear and set about creating the cosiest evening to kickstart the mood.  Better yet?  Combine all of these points for the perfect festive evening: films, music, decorations and more!  I'm wearing my new favourite Claire de Quénetain Brushed Cotton Dressing Gown c/o Bonsoir of London to add a touch of luxe to my every evening, curled up in my warm flat this season.

E V E N I N G   D E C O R A T I O N - S P O T T I N G   W A L K S

Wrap up warm and head outdoors with a loved one once the sky has turned dark (let's face it, you won't have to wait long).  It's time to spot twinkling Christmas decorations - from streets' lamp posts to people's homes.  I've started spotting some beautiful decorations going up in London and they looks ten times as magical by the dark of night!  

Bonsoir of London Claire de Quénetain Collaboration Dressing Gown
Luxury British Dressing Gown Brand

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As mentioned above, this gorgeous dressing gown is by Bonsoir of London's recent collaboration with Claire de Quénetain, a name reminiscent of vivid textiles for the home.  The bold print can be found across a capsule collection including a short nightshirt, pyjamas and a dressing gown; as you can see, I've opted to cosy up in the latter this season.  Crafted from soft brushed cotton, it's a beautifully chic way to go about relaxing at home this Christmas! 

Gold Gift Box Christmas Decorations
Bonsoir of London Claire de Quénetain Luxury Collaboration

I'd love to hear how you're starting to embrace the festive spirit this November!  Have you started putting up your Christmas decorations?  Let me know in the comments below!

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With Love,

Gabrielle x