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Why have I mentioned 'city style' in the title of this blog post, you ask?  Because I learnt the hard (and sweaty) way that wearing a sheepskin coat on the tube won't end well in the middle of winter.  Feather-filled jackets layered over merino wool roll-necks while dipping in-and-out of shops are also getting a hard pass from me this year.  When in the countryside, I find your body temperature stays fairly consistent thanks to the space.  However, the close proximity of city living means you go from the freezing cold outdoors to high-powered heating and back again.  With this in mind, I've curated a little edit of 5 winter essentials to bring into your wardrobe this season to ensure you gain maximum style with, ahem, minimum sweat...

Sandro Monogram Cardigan
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Chiswick House Winter

H E A V Y   C A R D I G AN 

If you're tired of flinging your coat on, off, on and then off again, try opting for a weighted cardigan instead.  This heavy style can act like a jacket and keep you from overheating, while giving you serious nods of approval if you style it right.  I picked up this statement monogrammed camel cardigan from Sandro a couple of months ago (as part of a collaboration with Canary Wharf PR) and have been bringing the price-per-wear down ever since.  My suggestion?  Look for monogrammed prints or boucle/tweed materials to ensure a polished look for winter.

S T R E T C H   ( T H E R M A L )  L E G G I N G S

Sure, leggings are far from revolutionary.  But what about thermal leggings?  My faux leather leggings shown in this blog post are from Calzedonia and have been designed with a thermal lining to keep your legs warm during the colder months of the year.  If you're planning on moving around the city in these paired with other chunky layers - don't.  This suggestion is solely to help you get away with wearing less on your upper-half, while avoiding getting too chilly!  I know, it's a frustrating balancing act...

S M A L L  - A S -  Y O U - C A N - G O   B A G 

If you can get away with carrying just your essentials, stash them away in a small cross body or top handle bag to ensure you're not carrying any unnecessary weight on your shoulders.  Not only does this mean your makeup will stay in tact and not melt off your face, but it also means you're now in the market for an adorable new mini bag.  It's a win-win!

T R A C K   S O L E   B O O T S

Okay, you got me.  These are high-heeled.  However, between you and me, I bomb around in ankle boots most of the time during winter.  I have just one rule in place - they have to have a track sole.  Alongside adding a tough masculine edge to more gentle looks, they also enable you to move around with ease.  If I had to rank these five points, track-sole boots would be sitting prettily at the very top, for sure.

C A S H M E R E   J U M P E R

No winter wardrobe is complete without a flattering and versatile cashmere jumper.  Opt for a neutral shade to ensure it complements most other items in your wardrobe and enjoy the chic touch it's guaranteed to contribute to your every winter look.  I'll be uploading a blog post very soon featuring a white cashmere roll-neck jumper I picked up before Lockdown 2.0!

Sandro Monogram Cardigan Camel AW20

Sandro Monogram Cardigan Blog Style
Aspinal of London Trunk Bag Black Patches

Cardigan - Sandro c/o Canary Wharf PR

Leggings - Calzedonia

Boots - Steve Madden   |   Bag - Aspinal of London

Sandro Monogram Cardigan Luxury Blog Style

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I'd love to hear your thoughts on this outfit!  Have you bought anything recently?  Let me know in the comments below!

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With love,

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