Posting Santa Claus Christmas Cards
I've said it before and I'll say it again, this is truly the most wonderful time of the year!  It's been a strange year, as I'm sure we'll all agree, however I've found the general consensus surrounding Christmas is that we're each determined to end the year on a positive note.  Personally, I'm achieving this by throwing myself headfirst into a pool of festive activities and traditions to pour a little glitter into the season.  Dressed by Odd Molly, one of my long-term favourite brands, I've kicked off the festivities in three magical ways.  But wait, there's more!  You can shop Odd Molly with 20% off everything (including sale items) using the code Gabrielle20 - exclusive to readers of A Glass Of Ice.  Enjoy!

   L O O K   O N E   |   P O S T I N G   C H R I S T M A S   C A R D S

Who spotted the super special address on the envelope?!  Let's get one thing straight, if we're sending out cards to all of our loved ones, Santa Claus has got to be on the mailing list!  Seriously though, there's something so beautiful about receiving Christmas cards from your nearest and dearest across the map.  This year, it feels all the more intimate thanks to the social distancing measures that have been in place for most of us.  My advice?  Choose the cards with the most glitter, they're guaranteed to put smiles on a few faces...

Odd Molly Rare & Free Fur Cuff Coat
Odd Molly Cool With Wool Jumper

Olympic Gold Post Office Box
Now the temperature has dropped and frost-covered scenes can be admired in the (very) early mornings, I've wrapped up warm in this Odd Molly Cool With Wool Jumper and Odd Molly Rare & Free Coat in a gentle 'peach sand' shade.  This appeals to my eternal love for neutrals while still offering something a little more special for winter via the detachable fur cuffs.  The oversized style allows for chunky knits to be worn underneath without adding bulk, while the powder pink quilted lining adds a luxe finishing touch.  Sure, you could say I'm smitten

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Amber Louisa Gold Body Necklace
Odd Molly Rare & Free Coat

Olympic Gold Post Box Chiswick
L O O K   T  W  O   |   T R I M M I N G   T H E   T R E E

Moving back indoors and into the warm, it's time to decorate the Christmas tree!  I had a Nordmann Fir delivered a little earlier than usual this year in a bid to bring the festive season closer a little sooner.  It's made a magical difference to the end of this month by filling the living room with nature and warm twinkling fairy lights by night for the cosiest ambience.  If you haven't figured it out by now, I can absolutely be considered a Christmas enthusiast and so the more time to enjoy the festive season, the better.  Most of the decorations I'm collecting are by Gisela Graham and Joanna Buchanan, with some basic golden baubles serving as 'fillers' throughout.
London Nordmann Fir 6ft Christmas Tree
Odd Molly Pernilla  Misty Grape Jumpsuit

Odd Molly Velvet Purple Jumpsuit
I have a special place in my heart for loungewear and even more so when it's intended for outdoors and yet so comfortable, it can worn for both settings!  This Odd Molly Pernilla Jumpsuit in 'Misty grape' (a warmer hue of purple than my photos would suggest due to colour editing), has been designed from velvet and features a cropped wide leg, square neck and super flattering silhouette.  My favourite design feature?  The elasticated ruching across the chest, making it possible to cosy up at home in comfort without the restrictions of a bra (let's not pretend you don't know what I mean), while also dressing it up to head outside once restrictions lift!  I can already tell the amount of wear I'm going to get out of this velvet jumpsuit will be insane...

Use the code Gabrielle20 to enjoy 20% off everything at Odd Molly - including sale items!
London Eye Christmas Bauble Decorations
London Home Flat at Christmas

Odd Molly Pernilla Velvet Purple Jumpsuit

L O O K   T H R E E   |   W R A P P I N G   C H R I S T M A S   P R E S E N T S 

I know you'll have heard this before, but I genuinely enjoy giving gifts more than I enjoy receiving them.  Of course, both are pretty nice situations to be in, however there's something so exciting about watching someone's face light up as they unwrap something unexpected and wonderful.  With this in mind, wrapping Christmas presents radiates such a warm sense of occasion!  

Christmas Present Wrapping Setting
Odd Molly Love Radiator Pink Fleece
Luxury Christmas Home Gift Wrapping
I love to have festive music playing while I go Sellotape-mad.  In these images, I'm wearing the ultra cosy Odd Molly Love Radiator Sweater in a gorgeous rose pink shade.  This fluffy fleece is the cosiest piece sitting prettily in my wardrobe right now and looks just as good out and about as it does tucked up at home wrapping presents.
Odd Molly Love Radiator Pink Fluffy Fleece
Luxury Christmas Gold Wrapping Paper

Odd Molly Discount Code December 2020
I'd love to hear whether you've started doing any of these three Christmas traditions?  Let me know in the comments below to spread some festive magic!

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With love,

Gabrielle x

Thanks to Odd Molly for working with me on this post!