Canary Wharf Vertus 10 George Street
Oh wow, it's been a long time since I've been able to write up a travel-related post here on A Glass Of Ice!  Thankfully, in between lockdowns I was able to pack my suitcase and take a little trip across town to Canary Wharf for a stylish staycation.  In collaboration with Canary Wharf PR, I had the pleasure of staying at the shiny new 10 George Street, a residential building owned by Vertus.  From beginning to end, this festive stay was one of comfort and ease.  If you're looking to move to London, or perhaps simply to a different borough of the city in the near future, read on for a peek inside this coveted address...

Canary Wharf 2 Bed Vertus 10 George Street
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Canary Wharf Vertus 10 George Street 2-bed Apartment

The first thing to note about 10 George Street is the excellent security; this has long been one of the most important factors for me when choosing accommodation.  Secondly, of course, the interior!  Abstract artwork can be found across each of the floors, with some of the most eye-catching pieces of art reserved for the stylish apartments (ahem, see below!) and communal areas.  I had the pleasure of staying the night in one of Vertus' two-bedroom apartments - complete with water-facing balcony - though often found myself residing in the communal areas thanks to the welcoming atmosphere.  A shuffleboard can be found next to a pool table, while the spacious terrace has been designed to welcome residential gatherings with music and more (outside of pandemics, that is!).  Although if you prefer to stay in the warm throughout the colder months of the year, there's always the kitchen and dining areas to enjoy, complete with complementary wine coolers for all guests to enjoy.  And relax...
Canary Wharf Vertus 10 George Street Apartments
Canary Wharf Vertus 10 George Street 2-bed Apartments

Canary Wharf Vertus 10 George Street
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Okay, some final thoughts before I leave you to check out the rentals available at 10 George Street!  A highlight for me remains the ability to have guests stay overnight in 'hotel style' suites located in the same building for prices far below the average London hotels.  This once again plays to the sense of communal safety and security, making any time spent at the residential building truly relaxing.  Oh and one final thing... their Christmas decorations are truly showstopping!    

Canary Wharf Vertus 10 George Street Accomodation
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Canary Wharf Vertus 10 George Apartments Street Review
Canary Wharf Vertus 10 George Street London
Canary Wharf 10 George Street Christmas Decorations

I'd love to hear what you think of 10 George Street, could you see yourself living somewhere like this in London?  Let me know in the comments below!

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With love,

Gabrielle x

Thanks to Canary Wharf PR for working with me on this post!