Joanna Buchanan Christmas Table Setting
One of the best things about the festive season is the food.  There, I said it.  Deny it all you like but there's always that little part of our brain that relates this time of year to turkey, boxes of chocolate, Turkish delight and other tasty treats!  In celebration of an undying adoration for food, I've styled a festive table setting with a special touch thanks to the tasteful luxury of Joanna Buchanan's home accessories that were kindly sent my way.  All those who adore Christmas, please step this way...

Joanna Buchanan Christmas Candle

Lindt Gold Chocolate Mini Teddy

Joanna Buchanan Christmas Table Setting Candle Snuffer
Of course, I made the predictable choice of sweet over savoury.  Strawberries dipped in a fondue of melted milk chocolate, small golden foil-wrapped chocolate teddybears and other sweet treats that didn't make it into the shoot, but definitely made their way into my stomach.  But that isn't even where the magic lies.  The luxury is in the details, the golden touches and embellished details - which is where Joanna Buchanan comes in!  Allow me to walk you through an idyllic Christmas table setting, filled with festive plaid, lush greenery and embellishment...
Villeroy & Boch Christmas Fondue Set
Joanna Buchanan Plaid Bee Coasters
Joanna Buchanan Embellished Christmas Candle
Joanna Buchanan Candy Cane Bottle Opener

First of all, it's time to set the scene!  I chose to focus on red and green shades, with the latter being brought in with a garland of greenery.  With placemats, you can control the colour scene with very little effort.  Personally, I have a (very) soft spot in my heart for plaid!  These gorgeous embroidered placemats can be purchased in any quantity from Joanna Buchanan and have been hand-embroidered in India; offering a gorgeous festive touch to the table.

Following on from the plaid placemats, you can remain consistent with the matching embroidered coasters!  Similarly, these sweet coasters are embroidered with embellished bumble bees - adorable!   

How to be the hostess with the mostest?  Easy!  Joanna Buchanan's Candy Cane Bottle Opener is heavily embellished for the most sparkling festive touch to your Christmas table setting! Opening a bottle has never been so merry...

Continuing with the bumble bee theme from the embroidered placemats and matching coasters, these sweet Stripey Bee Cocktail Picks are the most stylish way to add some flamboyance to otherwise plain food.  In this setting, it's strawberries for the chocolate fondue.  However, these sweet golden cocktail picks are also perfect for festive drinks and small snacks alike!

Joanna Buchanan Stripey Bee Cocktail Picks
Joanna Buchanan Gold Bee Candle Snuffer
Joanna Buchanan Stripey Bee Gold Letter Opener

I love candles, no wait, I adore candles!  There's no better time for filling your home with calming fragrances than throughout the festive season.  I associate Christmas with walking through my parents' front door and being met by the sound of Christmas music and the fragrance of cinnamon or something equally festive.  My latest candle crush?  Joanna Buchanan's Ruby Candle with the fragrance of geranium, leather and warm amber.  It comes with an adorable embellished insect lid for the perfect gifting presentation.

... and how do we safely extinguish a candle, ladies and gents?  With a bee-embellished golden candle snuffer, of course!  This is undoubtedly the most luxurious accessory to sit in any home collection.  This brass candle snuffer goes a long way in creating the most eye-catching ambience for a festive table setting and is most likely my favourite Joanna Buchanan design to have owned to date.

Finally, add the perfect finishing touch to your festive setting with Joanna Buchanan's golden letter opener featuring an embellished bumble bee!  Undoubtedly the most elegant way to go about opening your Christmas cards, this heavyweight design makes for a beautiful gift to place underneath the tree for someone special this December!
Joanna Buchanan Gold Letter Bee Opener
Joanna Buchanan Christmas Embellished Accessories

I'd love to hear which golden, embellished accessory from Joanna Buchanan caught your eye in this blog post?  Let me know in the comments below!

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With love,

Gabrielle x

Thanks to Joanna Buchanan for working with me on this post!