Maje Paris white boucle blazer
Have you ever thought about your personal aesthetic?  I've touched on this subject before, both on A Glass Of Ice and via Instagram, and always enjoyed discussing the topic with you afterwards!  The thing is, whether you've put any thought into it or not, the chances are you're already leaning towards an aesthetic.  A style you've been crafting and perfecting over recent years and perhaps without even realising.  You may be asking yourself: what does it matter?  Oh, it matters.  Because once you're worked out what you like to see, smell, wear and be surrounded by, you can start filling your world with even more of those very things!
Maje wool white blazer
Uniqlo white cashmere roll neck jumper
Moda in Pelle Eretina black croc ankle boots

Over the past couple of years, my personal style has developed in parallel with my interior taste.  Neutral shades have been brought to the forefront and with a focus on texture plays and luxe details.  More to the point, if I were pushed to describe my aesthetic it would be: warm with chic modernist touches.  There's something quite comforting about knowing your taste down to the tiniest of details.  It helps you to craft a life perfectly suited to your preferences.  So, if you're looking to uncover your aesthetic I would ask yourself a few of the following (fun!) questions to help get the ball rolling:

- What colour makes you feel the more comfortable?

- Favourite architectural era?

- Look at your 'Saved' file on Instagram.  How would you describe your inspiration?

- What would you wear if no judgement were to be cast?

Calzedonia black faux leather high waisted leggings
Long blonde hair side braids

Jacket - Maje c/o Canary Wharf PR

Cashmere Jumper -  Uniqlo  |   Leggings - Calzedonia

Boots - Eretina Black Croc Boots c/o Moda in Pelle (now on sale!)

Moda in Pelle Eretina croc black ankle boots
Maje Paris white tweed long blazer

I've been having a lot of fun developing this front over the past couple of year and even more so of late.  You'll start to see some subtle shifts over on my Instagram, if you're following me over there!  How would you describe your aesthetic?  Let me know in the comments below!

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With love,

Gabrielle x