Moses Grace Luxury Footwear Lusso Nude Shoes
How's your wardrobe looking?  Serious question.  I've been having a lot of fun lately combing through my wardrobe, shoes and accessories and parting ways with anything that doesn't instantly bring stars to my eyes!  Oh and another fairly good deciding factor is whether you'd want to share it to your Instagram or not.  If the answer is no, perhaps it's time for it to go.  With wardrobe clearouts in mind, I've been busy adding a few more precious items to my collection.  It started by ordering a maxi YSL bag (arriving this week - can't wait to show you more soon!) and continued with the discovery of new luxury footwear brand, Moses Grace, with an introduction to their very first collection of chic, elegant shoes...  
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Moses Grace Luxury Footwear Lusso Nude Shoes
As time goes on, I've found myself more appreciative of well-made and long-lasting clothes and accessories.  It feels as though there's been a definite shift against fast fashion over the last few years and truly, it's refreshing.  Moses Grace are sitting firmly in the camp of those looking to leave a lasting impression on those wearing their designs.  They're inspired by the 'strength, curves and long profiles of European sports cars' and strive for sophistication with every hand-stitched detail.  Fast forward to the day of delivery and a matte black box arrives at my door, concealing within Moses Grace's Lusso luxury design.  The divine smell of leather is joined by a perfect and comfortable fit thanks to the added arch support featuring a sacchetto construction to help the soft leather layers to mold to the foot.  In short, I'm smitten... which leads me on to my next question.  Can footwear be empowering?
Zara Sheepskin Baguette Shoulder Bag
Moses Grace Luxury Footwear Lusso Review
Moses Grace Luxury Footwear Lusso Review
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To answer my own question, yes!  Similar to how a well-fitted jacket can instil confidence, or an investment handbag can feel revitalising, luxury footwear can help to put a spring in your step.  Ordinarily, I've only been able to get this feeling from high heel stilettos, however I've come to realise it's less about the height of the heel and more about the quality of the shoe.  There's also comfort to be found in knowing you're not contributing to the conveyor belt of fast fashion and instead, investing in pieces to be treasured now and forever.  The price tag of Moses Grace Luxury Footwear designs may be a little steep, but they're more than worth it...
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Moses Grace Lusso Nude Low Heel Shoes
Moses Grace Luxury Footwear Lusso
I'd love to hear your thoughts on this topic.  Do you believe shoes can be empowering, and does the height of the heel have an impact on how you feel?  Let me know in the comments below!

With love,

Gabrielle x

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