Moda in Pelle Beige Faux Fur Scarf
... and by brighter, I'm not only talking about the start of a new season.  I'm also talking about a time just around the corner that seems just within reach, and yet still a few months away.  I think I speak for all of us when I say there's an unanimous desire to experience, to achieve and to simply put, do things again.  Everyone has their own definition of things, but for me it largely revolves around being with people again; friends and family, old acquaintances and new connections.  While thinking about the brighter days ahead, it dawned on me that from a personal perspective, we can approach it as a fresh start.  Admittedly, many have lost an unfathomable amount.  However, for those who feel able to, the lifting of lockdown over Spring/Summer can serve as an opportunity to reassess what brings us happiness.    
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Calzedonia beige suede high waisted leggings
Throughout this time we've had a lot of limitations in place.  Through this, we've had an enforced break from so many aspects of life.  As a result, there's a chance we've each stumbled across things that mean a lot to us - like having more time to relax from the comfort of our homes.  Likewise, we've discovered there are many factors we may be keen to see return to our daily lives.  Does anything spring to mind?  I'll go first.  I'm looking forward to being reunited with friends and family.  My desire to travel again has prompted me to book plane tickets for Portugal later in the year (fingers crossed this will go ahead).  I've also developed a much clearer idea of the direction I'd like my career to head in over the next few years.  How about you? 
Moda in Pelle Channie Tan Ankle Boots
Moda in Pelle beige faux fur scarf
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Hat - Giselle Fedora Hat c/o Mu Du London

Scarf - Bailey Scarf c/o Moda in Pelle

Leggings - Calzedonia

Boots - Channie Tan Leather Boots c/o Moda in Pelle

Chiswick House springtime photography
Moda in Pelle Bailey Beige Scarf

I'd love to hear what you're looking forward to doing again this summertime?  Let me know in the comments below!

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With love,

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