Tuesday, 21 June 2016

5 Ways To Brighten Your Morning!

Pretty bowl of yoghurt and fruit So, at this time of year the sun is doing a pretty good job at 'brightening' mornings as it is!  However, I've noticed over recent months that just a little tweaking here and there of a morning routine can make all the difference to the day ahead. Whether it's in what we do or how we think, the first hour or two of the day can have a pretty big impact.  Breakfast in hand and wrapped in this cosy London W11 Cashmere Jumper*, I headed out to one of my favourite morning spots to think about 5 shortcuts to starting the day on a (really) good note...

Saturday, 18 June 2016

A Picnic With Mercure at Somerset House

#PicnicWithMercure June 2016 EventLast night was spent in the best possible way - a summertime #PicnicWithMercure at Somerset House!  After getting absolutely drenched on the journey there, the weather remembered it needed to be on its best behaviour and dried up just in time for me to be able to bring down my umbrella before arriving.  Mercure Hotels is a name I'm already familiar with having stayed at a few of the Accor Group hotels, though one that stands out was my food-loaded stay at the Queens Hotel Cheltenham (now MGallery) last summer - mmm, still dreaming of that afternoon tea!  For yesterday's picnic extravaganza, they truly picked the best location for the event; each and every step you took was watched from above by towering architecture.      

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Which Gola Are You?

Which Gola Are You fashion blogger campaignWhich Gola Am I?  Surprise surprise, those covered in a decorative/floral print!  Gola is a brand that's been on my radar for many years now, though this pales in comparison to their incredible history stretching out over a century.  Since having been founded in 1905, Gola has well and truly made its mark as a sportswear and fashion brand, forever adapting to current times without comprising its heritage.  More recently, they've collaborated with Liberty Art Fabrics to produce a colourful range of patterned rucksacks and trainers, including these gorgeous Samurai Liberty LL Trainers*.

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Leeds Castle & Picture-Perfect Gardens

The Chelsea Fringe Floral Frame at Leeds CastleIt's taken over a decade for me to visit Leeds Castle after last wandering through the Kent-based historic site as a child. One thing is for certain, it's been worth the wait!  I have most probably spent more time out in nature surrounded by flowers than in any other environment, and so when I say that the grounds and gardens of Leeds Castle are spectacular, I really mean it.  Pinafore dress buttoned up, sun lotion slathered on and sunglasses forgotten (oops), it was time to explore 1000 years of history...

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Summer Skincare Edit

Summer skincare edit displaySummer is here!  And then it's not.  But then it's here again!  Nevertheless, I've put together a handful of my favourite skincare products to enter the new season with, a couple of longterm faves and a few new introductions that have got me jumping for joy.  So if, like me, you're on a mission to attain silky-smooth skin this summer, this skincare edit is for you.  Oh and to further prove that summer is at least here for now, I unintentionally tanned my back taking these photos - damn, what a day to wear a cross-back top...
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